Oasis' January 2023 Recap

Recapping the most important events in the Oasis for January 2023!

Stay tuned for a brief rundown of the latest developments :point_down:


Excellent recap, I think this info is very useful for all the new users that are joining the community, it can help them to see the progress of January, hopefully you can share one for February soon.

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Very cool this recap, enthusiasts and lovers of the oasis protocol need to know how the project is evolving, and monthly bringing this information is extremely relevant to move forward and continue building a solid community

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Nice post! Every link is very interesting

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очень впичетляюще!
первый месяц в этом году для проекта не прошел бесследно, рад видеть начало года в проекте действительно продуктивным! :wave: :+1: