Introducing the Oasis Sentinels Ambassador Program: Shape the Future of Web3 Privacy with Us!

Community is at the heart of Web3’s success, and Oasis Foundation is excited to launch the Oasis Sentinels Ambassador Program. This groundbreaking initiative brings together diverse individuals who share a vision of a more private Web3 with the Oasis Network. For more information, you can read it here

Why Community Matters in Web3
Communities are essential for blockchain projects, providing support, education, feedback, and innovation. They help in raising awareness, driving adoption, and improving the project.

Oasis’s Thriving Community
Oasis is proud of its thriving global community, dedicated to promoting privacy in Web3.

Meet the Sentinels
Ambassadors are the lifeblood of Oasis, embodying its values and mission. The Sentinels Ambassador Program aims to expand this vibrant community, seeking talented individuals worldwide.

Guilds for All Talents
The program offers various guilds to match individual skills:

  • Scribe Collective (Writer’s Guild)
  • Visionary Artists (Content Creators Guild)
  • Global Navigators (Regional Communities Guild)
  • Social Sparks (Engagement Guild)
  • Blockchain Builders (Developer Guild)
  • Ecosystem Architects (Business Development Guild)

Join the Oasis Sentinels
The program is open to blockchain enthusiasts, developers, content creators, and community builders. Selected ambassadors will receive training and access to bounties, focus groups, and more.

Shape the Future with Oasis
The Oasis Foundation believes in community-driven innovation. Join us in building a private, secure, and decentralized Web3. Apply on the Sentinels homepage to get started. Be part of the future of Web3, where privacy and inclusivity thrive!"

Apply Now


It all started with the intriguing launch party where Oasis core team members and ambassadors, past and present, shared their journey and experiences as the call to the future was sounded. The Oasis Sentinels program has been in development for a couple of months now, and what has unfolded is utterly amazing. I am so digging the guild system where ambassadors can unleash their creativity and expertise to suit their unique skills and talents. This has all the trappings to be the coolest and most successful ambassador program in the web3 space.

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