List of cool events featuring Oasis Network

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of the Oasis decentralized future!

Register now and get the opportunity to meet the team and dive into the world of #web3 :rocket:

1. Twitter Space “Oasis Privacy Layer Use Cases”
:spiral_calendar: Feb 7, 2 pm UTC
:round_pushpin: Online Twitter Space
Learn more about improving gameplay and UX in web3 applications. Join the Space to learn about Gaming with Crypto Blades (Blockchain Game) & Samurai Verse (Video Game Company) :point_right: Link to join

2. Universal Privacy Alliance Summit
:spiral_calendar: Feb 27, 9 am-1 pm GMT-7 (4 pm-8 pm UTC)
:round_pushpin: The Source Hotel, Denver, USA
Join the Privacy Alliance for a brighter digital future founded on privacy. Seating is limited to 150 attendees - register below for free to secure your spot :point_right: Link to join

3. Developer Workshop “Privacy Layer For Web3”
:spiral_calendar: Mar 1, 9:00 am-10:30 am MST (4:00 pm-5:30 pm UTC)
:round_pushpin: The Source Hotel, Denver, USA
Unlock the power of privacy and transparency with smart contracts. Register now to build fully public and confidential dApps with the flexibility you need :point_right: Link to join

4. Developer Breakfast
:spiral_calendar: Mar 3, 9 am-10 am MST (4 pm-5 pm UTC)
:round_pushpin: Logan House Coffee, Denver, USA
For those who like coffee and breakfast burritos! Special breakfast attended by engineers and creators working to accelerate privacy across Web3. Space is quite limited, so reserve your spot now :point_right: Link to join

Join these upcoming events and have your say in which ones you want to attend in replies :point_down:


Blocked my dates for the next 2 months :laughing:

The Oasis decentralised network is promoting a number of upcoming events with this announcement. These occasions include developer workshops, developer breakfasts, privacy summits, and Twitter Spaces. In order to understand more about web3 and privacy in the digital world, the post encourages readers to sign up for and take part in these activities.

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I wish, I could be in Denver when this happens. Looks like it would be great event to visit!

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Too bad I don’t live in your country! I would love to attend these meetings if I had the opportunity.

One of my old dreams is to attend crypto parties, as we see the Oasis quite often holds such events.

I hope I somehow get out in the US as an ambassador and fly into one of the coffee shops in Denver!

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Great!! I think to be in UPA is great opportunity to show the potencial of Oasis Network in terms of Data Privacy in web3.

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