Join the January 2023 Oasis Ambassador Cohort

Community is at the heart of everything we do at Oasis, and thanks to the hard work and dedication of Oasis Ambassadors- our community continues to flourish. The Oasis Ambassador Program is 700 members strong and growing!

We are opening applications for the next cohort of Ambassadors, which will be 100-strong. The chosen Ambassadors will go through a month-long training program to learn about the Oasis Network and complete tasks and projects.

If you want to apply to be part of the next cohort of Ambassadors, click here

What is the Oasis Ambassador program?

Simply put- our ambassador program allows talented and enthusiastic community members to evangelize all aspects of Oasis Network and be rewarded for it. The reward system is designed to be mutually beneficial and fulfilling, building a strong foundation of trust between ambassadors and the core team at Oasis. From content creation to hosting local meetups, ambassadors have the flexibility to contribute on their own time, according to their skill sets and expertise. Here are some examples of ways our ambassadors contribute:

  • Creating infographics about Oasis Network and ecosystem projects
  • Growing and moderating regional community channels
  • Writing original content to share in tweet threads, Reddit communities, and blog posts
  • Making video tutorials
  • Hosting local meetups or starting university blockchain clubs
  • Providing technical and nontechnical feedback to the core team

From blockchain novices to Oasis experts, we welcome all to apply for the upcoming ambassador cohort. The Oasis team is looking forward to the opportunity to empower passionate individuals as our ambassador program continues to evolve and improve while we scale.


So, who is excited to meet new teammates? :nerd_face:


Do you have ambassadors already here in PH?

I’m certainly excited to see the new crop especially with the focus on the training. A passionate and well educated person will have a much easier time to spread the good word, if you will :wink:


He guys, I am also in. Looking forward to start!


Hey, I know you from the discord chat!
You are active every day, I am sure you will make your way to this cohort!

Thx I am already in!


Hey friends!
Glad to join you.
I hope that the cooperation of the Oasis ambassadors will bring unprecedented results and we will be even happier!

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Super excited to get a chance to be a part of Oasis! Onwards and upwards from here.

Great) joined the Ambassador program, already started doing tasks)

We joined. We met the moderation team and they explained everything to us. I’m very happy for now, the team is like a bomb^^

I joined, I really want to become part of your community. Very polite, smart and knowledgeable people gathered here!

I’m already doing assignments, taking courses, which by the way are interesting and fully expose oasis technology! I’m looking forward to a full scale start!

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Selection criteria for Ambassadors: Explain how the selection process for Ambassadors works, including the qualifications, skills, and experience that are required. This information can help prospective Ambassadors understand what is expected of them and how they can best prepare for the application process.

Future plans for the Ambassador program: Provide insight into the long-term vision for the program, including how it will evolve over time and what new initiatives or projects are in the works. This can help build excitement and enthusiasm among the community and potential applicants.

Success stories of current or past Ambassadors: Highlight the successes and achievements of current or past Ambassadors, including any notable projects they have completed or contributions they have made to the Oasis Network community. This can help inspire and motivate prospective applicants to join the program and make a difference.

I am happy that I joined the Oasis Ambassador Program in January! This is an unforgettable journey, learning, meeting new people, testing, I have not seen such an approach in more than one project.

It’s great that Oasis sets such a high level! And I’m glad to be a part of it.

Hey gang! Can’t tell you how excited I am to be here and to be a part of the team. Pursuing a passion in an official capacity is the dream!

Building together is a synonym of success! Very proud to be part of this great community!

I’m so happy to be a part of this cohort and learned a lot about Oasis, OPL, and sapphire. and about paratimes this project will shine more than it is!

This project should undoubtedly interest both investors and ordinary consumers. Thoughtful and clear ideas make it really attractive.

I’m sure this will interest all crypto enthusiasts, being part of the Oasis team is a big step for everyone, helping the community and the project is essential to keep growing, I would like to meet all the ambassadors soon.