Oasis Integrates Celer Messaging Bridge on Sapphire Runtime

We’re super excited to announce the successful integration of the first cross-chain messaging bridge with Oasis Sapphire Mainnet, Celer’s Interchain Messaging (IM) Framework

Celer IM is a critical element of infrastructure that enables the performance and functionality of the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL), powered by Sapphire

Read the full blog article below :point_down:


Interesting use of “Runtime” rather than ParaTime. Already makes more sense at first glance for EVM crowd.

Are you guys dropping the overly complicated and research-oriented nomenclature that is associated with the modular architecture of Oasis? This would be great for developers.

Not that “Oasis + Sapphire” with a $rose token is less confusing though :wink:

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This achievement is a significant step in enhancing the performance and functionality of the opl, leveraging the power of Sapphire. good stuff!

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