The Oasis Network February Recap

February 2023 in the Oasis Network was a month of exciting developments and events!

Let’s take a look back at what happened during these 28 days :point_down:

  1. Deep Learning AI
    :small_blue_diamond: Founder of Oasis Labs, Dawn Song, shares how she began researching security in AI models in the interview
    :small_blue_diamond: Oasis summarizing their work with Meta AI & Personal AI, and Data NFTs / DAOs

  2. Twitter Spaces
    :small_blue_diamond: W/ WhaleCoinTalk (Web3 Media Group) dives into the Oasis Privacy Layer
    :small_blue_diamond: W/ the Universal Privacy Alliance to discuss the fundamentals of web3 privacy
    :small_blue_diamond: W/ Crypto Blades(Blockchain Game) & Samurai Verse(Video Game Company) about Gaming

  3. ”Presents” from Oasis Team
    :small_blue_diamond: Launched the “Explore Oasis” contest on the Crew3 platform for a chance to win Oasis Mystery Swag
    :small_blue_diamond: Announced Oasis participation at BUIDLweek and ETHDenver 2023
    :small_blue_diamond: Oasis Tech Lead presented the first live demo of the Oasis Privacy Layer at The Pit
    :small_blue_diamond: Oasis Roadmap 2023

  4. Start of ETHDenver 2023
    :small_blue_diamond: 27/02: The 1st Universal Privacy Alliance Summit sharing critical insights on privacy in web3
    :small_blue_diamond: 28/02: Privacy for web3 w/ ENCODE CLUB and Oasis Head of Ecosystem Linda Lu

  5. “Present” from Oasis Community
    :partying_face:Cheers to the 250K+ believers in blockchain privacy following Oasis Protocol on Twitter :partying_face:

Wrapping up an eventful February in the #OasisNetwork blockchain! With our commitment to decentralized, scalable, and sustainable tech, the future looks bright, isn’t it?


Excellent thread, as usual, Milana :star_struck:

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What an amazing thread
You deserve some :gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart::gift_heart:

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A lot has happened already! Nice!

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we have witness the growth of Oasis!

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