Question about token release schedule

Can someone give a good explanation as for why the team won’t abandon everything on 11/18/24? It seems as though financial benefits (and responsibilities as backers can sell everything) end at that date so it does raise some concern for me. How exactly will the team get their funds? I am not trying to spread fud, I am simply a long term investor wishing to ease my mind. Thank you!

It kinda is a bit FUD’ish, not going to lie. Just like every other project/protocol it requires an element of trust, and I would point at the backers, and collaboration between various universities to show that Oasis Network isn’t just a random project born out of nowhere, but aims to tackle the challenges of blockchain.
Essentially it kinda boils down to that it would be a complete waste of time to be invested in a project/protocol for that long, and building various ParaTimes, only to abandon it the moment you can.

Yes of course, but I am curious about how will they get funds to pay the developers after that date? Will it be from ROSE they did not yet sell? In that case does the Foundation plan to be more public with how much ROSE they have? I believe that not only the code should be open source, but the finances as well. A big part of DeFi is the financial incentives for all parties, and to not rely on “trust” or “good-will”.

If you look closely, the release schedule for the Foundation and Community does not stop in 2024, it goes on until 2030. Also the Foundation has treasury besides ROSE that it can utilize to fund development.