Release: Oasis Chrome Extension Wallet 1.10.0

The Oasis Chrome Extension Wallet v. 1.10.0 is now available on the Chrome Store.
The crash when connecting Ledger hardware wallet in Chrome 110+ has now been fixed. Here’s the entire changelog :
Spotlight change:

  • Fix crash when connecting Ledger hardware wallet in Chrome 110+. It is no longer possible to ask for WebUSB permissions from the extension’s popup window. As an alternative, open the extension in a tab when the WebUSB permissions are missing (#301).

Little things:

  • Refactor CSS to allow UI to resize (#303).


  • Add work-around to ensure building works with Node.js 16+ (#305).

Thanks for the post Mihnea - good to see stuff getting fixed =)

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The updates demonstrate the development team’s commitment to improving the wallet’s functionality and performance. I’m excited to see what other improvements the Oasis team has in store for future releases.
Be sure to check out the Oasis Blog for the latest technical and ecosystem updates)


Definitely, the team is working hard behind the scenes and it shows - can’t wait to see where Oasis is heading =)

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