Retrieving crypto sent to wrong address - Help


I made a big whopper mistake. I had some Tether USDT (Wormhole) in my Emerald paratime network in Metamask wallet. I thought I would send it to my own Binance exchange account (don’t ask why but I plead temporary insanity). So, as the insanity wave gripped me, I transferred the USDT to my BNB exchange wallet address on Binance Smart Chain network from my Metamask Emerald. And then reality sank in.
I have initiated a fund retrieval application citing my mistake on Binance.
Is there anything I can do?
Also, what are the chances of successful retrieval of funds?

Hey there DC600, in regards to your post, I’m afraid only the BNB exchange wallet can assist with you this, and even then it could be complicated. Afraid there’s nothing we can do from our side.

Hey Emrah,
Binance has rejected my review application

However, the transfer has been a success.

Can you point out please who is best suited to help me out?
Binance because it was my destination point? Metamask because it was my origin point? Oasis because I was using Emerald paratime and the funds was in that network wallet?

I’m afraid that’s still on Binance’s end due to destination point yes. As written it’s not an easy solution, and I can’t promise you whether or not Binance will assist in that regard. I’m sorry, there’s nothing on our end we can do.

Thanks Emrah for your inputs. I guess my insane attempt at fund transfer met its expected result - loss. Binance said they are not sure if they can help as the transferred fund (Tether USD - Wormhole) was not listed on their exchange. If it ever got listed, they might be able to help but said it would require a 500 BUSD service charge. As the fund was only for 0.5 USDT, you can imagine what my response was.
I have learnt my lesson from this situation - if you are insane you must pay the price. :rofl:

It sounds like you have learned a valuable lesson from this experience. Always be sure to research and double check everything :wink: Thanks for sharing your story and glad to see you have a good sense of humor about it.