Universal Key Manager - an idea with tremendous potential

The community town hall of June 2023 has provided many updates and ideas. A key takeaway for me was the plan of building with the community - a unique product built on Oasis. Termed as Universal Key Manager, here is what we know so far.

First and foremost, transparency is a vital ingredient in building a strong and supportive community. With that in mind, this latest planned initiative is going to be a major one. Why? Simply stated, the management of private keys, encryption keys, and passwords is a challenge for everyone every day. It is never easy and there is always the risk of breaches as long as trusting third parties or intermediaries is the only option. Universal Key Manager on Sapphire promises to be a viable solution.

Let’s see how.

Built on Sapphire’s confidential EVM runtime, the Universal Key Manager can ensure native and cross-chain applications have the choice to store any and all keys on-chain. The confidentiality attribute gives much-needed security to key owners who will have complete control over the keys at all times and, most importantly, with trustlessness guaranteed.

And that’s not all. Oasis plans to involve the community over building this crucial product. So, the community at large will be able to vote and help shape the decision on certain aspects of the project in the course of its development. Developers will also have the option to contribute to creating the final product as they can join Oasis in the development phase by way of inputs on certain parts of the product.

It sounds interesting and exciting, isn’t it? There will be more updates on this in the coming days, and in the meantime, feel free to share ideas and feedback about it here.

Just in case you missed out on attending the town hall, here is a full recap of the session.

This is going to be sooo useful. It’s such a headache to find the best way to store your passwords and all these sensitive and private data. I hope to see it implemented soon because i was actually looking for a way to store all my passwords and seed keys

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