Wallet : Exporting transactions for tax declaration

I’m new to the Forum.
Hope I’m not going to ask a question that has already been asked…
For my tax declaration, I use a software named KOINLY.
I wanted to know if it was possible to export a csv file or if there is an API available please?
Best regards

Hey there, you can use the following tool for up to 20k transactions (previously it was 10k, so if you see 10, just ignore it); https://lukaw3d.github.io/oasis-csv-report/
Remember to allow double download (one for transactions, one for staking)

Thanks Emrah,
CSV file looks good but not possible to discriminate staking rewards. There are either transactions for staking and the opposite are transactions that are for unstaking+rewards. Any idea/proposal on how to manage this issue please ? Thanks again…

Hey there, can I ask if you allowed double downloads? Cause the second one is for staking if you’re still having issues I’ll relay it.

Hello Emrah, Sorry for the late reply. Took me some time to understand your question and some time also to find out how to enable multiple downloads. Yes, previously, I was in a single download mode. So finally the EXPORT app works very well and I do get 2 files ==> one for transactions and the other for staking.
Will show this to Koinly and ask them if I have to change the formats of the files in any way to import the data.
So thank you so much for the help ;=)

Hello Emrah, I have a problem with the CSV file generated for the REWARDS.

  • First the 20,000 max lines in the file is exploded because it generates on average 50 lines of rewards per day. Because of this I cannot know the detail of the total rewards since no more space.
  • Secondly, Koinly has limits on how many transactions can fit in a specific tariff for their services. So 20,000 lines is excessive.
    Could OASIS TEAM consider having an option in the EXPORT APP that would aggregate daily rewards in just one line in the CSV file please ?
    Hope I won’t be the only one needing this.
    thanks for your patience and any help ;O)
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Well the data is coming from https://oasismonitor.com (not us) so keep that in mind, in regards for any tools to help you; try these, but outside of this we can’t do much else.

If you need need more than 20000 lines, you can try using the API
page1: https://api.oasismonitor.com/data/accounts/oasis1qr50x395tzl5dx5pzha79h453cfq4dzxkg6sm6xk/rewards?limit=20000&offset=0
page2: https://api.oasismonitor.com/data/accounts/oasis1qr50x395tzl5dx5pzha79h453cfq4dzxkg6sm6xk/rewards?limit=20000&offset=20000

And here’s a random tool to convert to csv: JSON Editor Online: JSON editor, JSON formatter, query JSON

Hello Emrah,
Thanks again for your patience.
1/ Ok, I didn’t understand/know that OasisMonitor are the ones to contact.
Went on their site. Not clear for me on how to “write” to them ?
2/ I’m not looking to get more than 20000lines.
Quite the contrary. If I have all those lines just for Oasis, my KOINLY subscription would be way too high
3/ So I guess I’ll have to create my own CSV file with a daily(calculated) rewards history.

Thanks again for your help

This is also an issue for me and I imagine a lot of other people

Right now it’s essentially impossible to be tax compliant with oasis network

Can we start a petition or something to have oasis network support added to Koinly?

Actually there is a request / petition for this on Koinly

Everyone who can should add their request there as well! :slight_smile: