Where are the consensus transaction come from

the only working paratime is emerald, and its tx is a lot less than consensusn layer tx.
then what makes consensus layer tx being over 100k for long time? it even fluctuates alot even when the tx of emerald is not that busy.

This can actually be checked via a block explorer. Most of the transactions are from ParaTime executor commitments (e.g. roothash.ExecutorCommit) and multiple commitments (number depends on committee size and round state, but does not depend on the number of ParaTime transactions in a block) are required to finalize a ParaTime block.

There are also other kinds of transactions, like your usual token transfers, delegations, undelegations, node registrations, VRF proofs, etc.


here is a link so you can check! https://explorer.emerald.oasis.dev/

Thank you for sharing.