Structure of Oasis Nerwork

Oasis Network

Layer 1, proof-of-stake focused on:

:white_check_mark: Privacy for Web3

:white_check_mark: Built for developers

:white_check_mark: Scale fast and effortlessly


There are two components:

:one: The consensus layer

:two: The ParaTime layer

The Consensus layer is a scalable, high-throughput, secure, with decentralized set of validator nodes validator of the main differences with Etherem network is the Pivacy Dapps and better performance and almost 99% lower fees than Ethereum.

The ParaTime layer hosts many parallel runtimes (ParaTimes), each representing a replicated compute environment with shared state.

если я правильно понимаю можно создать любое количество ParaTime которые будет заточены под выполнение определенных задач?

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To fully understand the architecture of the Oasis network, I recommend referring to the documentation - Overview of the Oasis Network | Oasis Network Documentation.

The Oasis team has described the main processes that take place in the network in a very simple and at the same time capacious way.


Definitely, the Oasis Network documentation is a great resource for learning about the network’s architecture and how it operates!

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I really love this novel and innovation structure. this multi-layer structure is modular.
Modularity is very useful and you cant find in other evm-compatible networks.
you are free to choose your way and your programming language and logic.

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