Breaking News: Attention all AI Rose NFT holders. Migration from Emerald to Sapphire with Enshrine

This bespeaks a pleasant surprise and exciting possibilities. But first things first. A brief overview of AI Rose, Emerald, Sapphire, and Enshrine.

AI Rose - It is a collection of 999 NFTs from Oasis Network representing rose images and generated by AI models with training on famous works of art. AI Rose launched on Oasis Emerald paratime during Christmas week in December 2021 in collaboration with MetaMirror’s NFT marketplace.

Emerald - The first EVM-compatible paratime (parallel runtime) on Oasis that foreshadows the confidential level-up of Sapphire.

Sapphire - The first-ever confidential EVM-compatible paratime on Oasis that comes with smart privacy solutions. Anything that can be built on Emerald can also be built on Sapphire with the additional benefit of customizable confidentiality. It also powers the interoperability solution with the cross-chain tool OPL (Oasis Privacy Layer).

Enshrine - Developed by Nick Hynes, Oasis Ecosystem Growth Advisor, it is the public face for Escrin - a non-profit open-source autonomous computing network that aims to bring forth autonomous confidential internet or web4 as a level-up of web3.

Now, the news.

On July 27, Enshrine announced that they would help migrate the AI Rose NFTs from Oasis Emerald to Sapphire via Escrin-powered secure bridging. This development was anticipated for some time as they took to their Discord server to discuss the process with the community, especially the AI Rose holders. Moving from Emerald to Sapphire would make the NFTs smart privacy-enabled, and also bestow prestige and perks to the holders.

Nick has explained that the migration process will have three phases:

  1. The bridge, approved by a majority of Emerald token holders, will enable token transfers to and fro.
  2. Following a time delay of two months (this number was decided after discussion with the community), the bridge will become one-way, meaning it will close for migrating tokens from Emerald to Sapphire, but anyone wishing to migrate back to Emerald from Sapphire, can still do so.
  3. The freezing of the bridge, approved by a majority of Sapphire token holders, will ensure the status quo, meaning migrating tokens from Sapphire to Emerald will stop, and all tokens are frozen where they are. In the case of unclaimed tokens, the NFT contract owner will have the sole discretion to transfer them away.

So, if you are an AI Rose NFT(s) holder, you should get going with the migration. Any questions you can ask Nick on Enshine Discord or the ecosystem channel on Oasis Discord.


By transitioning to Sapphire, the NFTs will gain smart privacy capabilities, offering prestige and perks to the holders. Great stuff!

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